Clonazepam Overdose

People with anxiety disorder, depression, and other similar symptoms, should be treated immediately to reduce the negative actions from the patient. To help people with such disorder, Clonazepam is needed. It is a member of a drug group called benzodiazepines. The use of clonazepam is affect chemicals in the brain to reduce the unbalanced chemical level that causes anxiety. In using the clonazepam, the patient should follow the clonazepam medication guide. The medication guide of clonazepam is strict because it can cause overdose, addiction, and several negative outcomes.

When one uses clonazepam too much, he or she will experience clonazepam overdose that can cause fainting, confusion, extreme drowsiness, and muscle weakness. People with clonazepam can experience fainting because the clonazepam is affecting the brain and reduce the consciousness. With too much clonazepam in your blood, you will not be able to think clearly and it induces confusion. Your brain will not react like before because some chemical ingredients in the clonazepam tend to affect the brain and calm it. Sleepiness is also a side effect of a clonazepam overdose.

Because the brain is forced to work slowly and create sleepiness, it tends to create condition like a daydreaming and hallucination is the result of it. The clonazepam overdose can get worse if the pill is taken along with other medication pills or narcotic materials. Surely, you should avoid alcohol because it can impair your thinking and reactions. Therefore, when driving car, you should ensure that you are not taking clonazepam alone or mixed with alcohol.

The combination of clonazepam and other drug as said above can kill you. Research has indicated that clonazepam mixed with any drug, can trigger clonazepam overdose. In fact, the clonazepam overdose can endanger your life. Extreme clonazepam overdose can make one in coma condition and it can lead the patient to death. However, experts say that clonazepam alone can’t induce overdose. It takes hundreds of clonazepam pills to create clonazepam overdose. The overdose, as said before, only happens when the clonazepam is mixed with other drugs and alcohol. The symptoms of clonazepam overdose are easy to recognize and therefore, the patients can get immediate helps. Doctors and other medical professional will immediately administer the right medication to reduce the effects of the clonazepam overdose. The immediate medical treatment is necessary, especially if the clonazepam overdose is caused by combination between clonazepam and other narcotics materials.

The first step that the medical professional may do is giving clonazepam overdose antidote; Flumazenil. However, the Flumazenil is dangerous to treat clonazepam overdose in people with epilepsy. Stomach pumping is another treatment that can be done to rescue people with clonazepam overdose. It pumps and wastes anything in your stomach using a pumping machine. By emptying your stomach, the effect of clonazepam will soon vanished. IV is also crucial to help people with clonazepam overdose. It is important to supply fluids to the patient’s body. During the overdose counter attack treatment, you will be monitored all the time.

Your blood pressure and the beat of your heart will be monitored continuously for the sake of the success of the treatment. However, the use of clonazepam itself can trigger several dangerous outcomes, especially if the patient has certain diseases such as severe liver disease and allergy to clonazepam. When using clonazepam, a medical professional should assist you all the time. The clonazepam is not for pregnant woman for it can endanger to unborn baby. It can also cause other problems such as feeding problem and breathing problems. For this case, medical help is very crucial and it is necessary.

Taking too much clonazepam can create a though about suicide. It is also one of clonazepam overdose effects. To reduce the effect of clonazepam overdose, you need to tell your doctor about the other medication that you still undergo. You need also to tell your doctor if you have diseases such as glaucoma, history of depression, liver problems, addiction to drug, love to drink alcohol, and the like. You should take the clonazepam as prescribed by your doctor. If you miss one clonazepam dose, take is as soon as possible but skip it is you should take the next scheduled clonazepam dose. The clonazepam medication is intended for short term only. Do not take clonazepam for more than 9 weeks without telling your doctor.

The clonazepam is available in the market but you have a prescription to buy it. The clonazepam is available in wafers (pill) and also injection. When taking clonazepam from the blister, you need to do it carefully. You have to peel the back foil and not push the clonazepam through the foil. It will damage the clonazepam, use dry hands when taking the clonazepam and place it in your mouth. You should not chew or swallow the clonazepam. Let is dissolves in your mouth. When taking the clonazepam, you can’t stop it at anytime. Before you stop using the clonazepam, you have to consult your doctor about it.

You should not prolong the use of clonazepam for it can cause addiction and also various dangerous effects. To add more information about clonazepam, you can read various articles from the internet and also medical science books and magazines. The articles and magazines will tell you more about the clonazepam. If you really needed it, ask about it to your doctor. Make sure that you are safe using the clonazepam for your medication because it can threaten your life.