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Diazepam (Valium) is a prescription benzodiazepine that works by affecting chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety and other symptoms of the kind.

Before you take the first dosage of this medicine, make sure you are not using any other drugs that can affect your treatment and make it less efficient. In case of using any of the medications listed below talk to your health care provider about the necessity of dose adjustment (either of diazepam or that drug you are using): medicines for depression or mental problems, cimetidine, prescription pain medicines, medicines for HIV/AIDS, rifabutin, some herbal or dietary supplements, rifampin, seizure medications, other medicines for anxiety, insomnia medicines, and rifapentine. Also report any other supplements, remedies of products of the kind, as well as grapefruit juice that has been reported to interfere with diazepam.

You will be prescribed the extended-release tablets and in the form of liquid. Depending on the dosage and the form you have been prescribed you will have to be taking this medicine accordingly. For instance, in case of the extended-release tablet it’s important to remember that you are not supposed to crush or break the tablet to prevent the active ingredient from being released too soon. It’s a bit more complicated with the liquid form that you are supposed to take using a specially marked measuring spoon. Using the regular spoon is not recommended as you will not be able to measure the dose accurately. Take diazepam exactly as prescribed and do not change the dose unless told so by your health care provider. Your dose may need to be adjusted in case you are not benefiting from the treatment due to whatever reason, or because you are withdrawing form the medicine gradually and need to take less and less of this drug every day.

Diazepam (Valium) can cause certain side effects, most of which are mild and short lived (slurred speech, sleep problems, tiredness, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, drooling or dry mouth, vomiting, spinning sensation, constipation, skin rash, memory problems, nausea, muscle weakness, decreased sex drive, nightmares, lack of balance, and drowsiness). There are, however, a number of more serious side effects you need to know about as they are likely to affect your health and wellbeing if not treated in time. The following ones are serious side effects: difficulty breathing or swallowing, fever, yellowing of the skin or eyes, seizures, irregular heartbeat, shuffling walk, severe skin rash, and persistent tremor. Your doctor should be contacted if you notice the serious side effects of taking diazepam.

Your health care provider should be notified if you have some of the following health conditions that have been reported to interfere with the treatment, making it less efficient: breathing problems, depression, asthma, mental illness, history of drug or alcohol addiction, glaucoma, suicidal thoughts, kidney or liver disease, and seizures. In some cases your health care provider will need to adjust the dosage of diazepam you are being prescribed or will monitor you carefully for any side effects you may develop.

Do not combine this medicine with grapefruit juice or other products that it can potentially interact with. This medicine is intended for short-term use only (up to 4 months). Taking diazepam for longer can lead to developing addiction and tolerance.

This medicine can cause drowsiness, muscle weakness and can impair concentration, and these effects are enhanced when you are drinking alcohol.

This drug should be taken with caution by children or elderly patients, people with decreased liver of kidney function, and those in weak or debilitated state.

The best way to determine the minimal dose that you will benefit from is to visit your health care provider. Your dosage will depend on the condition you are being treated for, your age, any conditions you have been diagnosed with, the drugs you are taking, contraindications and some other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Your doctor may start you on the lowest dose of diazepam (which can be also different, depending on the condition you are being treated for) that can later be adjusted depending on the way your body will respond to the dosage.

The information presented at this site is intended for information purpose only. It should not be construed as instructions to substitute those provided by your doctor.