Use this drug precisely as it was appointed for you. Don’t use the drug in greater quantities, or use it for longer than suggested by your physician. Keep up with the instructions on your prescription mark.

Your physician can at times alter your dosage to be sure you achieve the most beneficial effects from this drug.

Ativan had better be taken for solely a brief time. Don’t use this drug for longer than eight weeks without your physician’s advice. This drug can be addictive and ought to be taken only by the patient it was appointed for. Ativan ought to never be given to another patient, particularly to a person who has a chronicle of medication abuse or habituation. Keep the drug in a safe area where other people can’t reach it. Meet your physician whenever this drug appears to end functioning as advantageously in handling your symptoms. Don’t finish taking Ativan abruptly without primary speaking with your physician. You can require to take fewer and fewer before you give up the drug totally. Your symptoms can come back once you end taking Ativan subsequently taking it over a long time period. You can as well experience seizures or drug withdrawal symptoms once you finish taking Ativan. Withdrawal symptoms can include shudder, perspiration, muscle spasms, stomach trouble, barfing, strange ideas or doings, and seizure.

To make certain this drug isn’t stimulating bad results, your physician can require to watch your advance on a day-to-day ground. Don’t miss any regular meetings with your physician.

Keep Ativan at room temperature out of wet, heat, and light.

Maintain track of how many tablets have been taken from every fresh bottle of this drug. Benzodiazepines are medications of abuse and you had better be mindful whenever anybody in the house is taking this drug improperly or without RX.

The average dosage of Ativan for the persons of different ages are:
• 18 to 60 years old: for sedation and anxiety – 2 to 3 milligrams; for sleep disorder – 2 to 4 milligrams used at bedtime.
• Over 60 years old: for sleep disorder – 0.5 to 1 milligram used at bedtime; sedation and anxiety – 0.5 to 1 milligram but never more than 2 milligrams a day.